Yealink CP700Portable conference phone

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The Yealink CP700 is a portable USB/ Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality and this little gem is ideal for on-the-go meetings and can comfortably handle up to 4 people simultaneously to make that instant conference call from anywhere.


Why will you need the Yealink CP700 Portable Bluetooth speaker?

have you ever got into a situation where you need to make that important conference call and the only phone available to you is your mobile phone?

Well this is the solutions to that problem you might encounter

How do the Yealink CP700 works?

All you need to do is connect your Yealink CP700 via Bluetooth to our mobile phone and you instantly create a mini-conference phone environment wherever you are, this could be at home, at your customers business or even at the airport will you wait for your flight.

Let's dive into some of the rich features this little handy speaker offers:

  • Comes with Bluetooth4.0
  • Only takes 3 hours to fully charge
  • You can get up to 9 hours talk time 
  • 360 days of standby time
  • Can handle up to 3 simultaneously connected devices

Have a look at some of the great Benefits the Yealink CP700 offers:

  • Awesome battery life, so no need to always have it connected to a power source
  • High-quality audio
  • Easy to use and is portable
  • You can even use it to listen to your favourite music on the go

Let's talk about support and warrantee:

Support: We offer support should you need any assistance

Warranty: The Yealink CP700 comes with a 24-month product warranty

Need to know more about the Tech stuff:

Click on this link below to get the Yealink CP700 datasheet provided from Yealink

Yealink CP700 Datasheet